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Meet the Craftsman

From a young age, working with the elements has captivated me. Watching my father work construction and dabble in woodworking, I began to take in the basic elements of craftsmanship before I could even read. Over a lifetime, my passion for woodworking has only grown. As a friend, I found I could much better craft a thoughtful gift than find something elsewhere. As a homeowner, I wanted only the highest quality pieces to communicate our story. As a husband and father, I found incredible meaning in creating lasting heirlooms for my family. And that was only the beginning.


Craftsmen have been building beautiful, functional pieces for thousands of years, and to continue the art of creating custom wood products is truly humbling. Handcrafted, artisan pieces created with traditional joinery and quality materials is my passion. Timeless pieces like these ensure that a story is not just heard, but that it is remembered and lasting – and it’s my privilege to be a part.

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